A Horse of a different color! 50 shades of Turmeric

When you think of Turmeric, you probably think of the golden-yellow turmeric root that is most often found in grocery stores.  Did you know that turmeric, like many other root veggies such as potatoes and carrots, comes in several varieties? In addition to the most commonly known Indian yellow turmeric, there is white turmeric, mango turmeric, and red Hawaiian turmeric (aka olena in Hawaiian). All are members of the ginger family.



White turmeric and mango turmeric differs from red and yellow in both use and flavor.  White and mango turmeric have milder in flavor resembling something more like ginger with a slightly bitter aftertaste. Their aromas aromas are also more mild than yellow and red turmeric, resembling that of a mango. These turmerics won't be found in supplements or natural medicine, but are often used to spice Asian cuisines, sometimes as a ginger substitute.


Red and yellow turmeric have much stronger, more pungent flavor and smell and are very popular for both cooking (check out one of our favorite recipes), and supplement and medicinal use. They are also higher in curcumin concentrations compared to their paler cousins. (Some even say that red Hawaiian turmeric is significantly higher in curcumin and other nutrient concentrations than yellow turmeric). 


Here at Turmerical we love all turmeric varieties and enjoy cooking and experimenting with them all. However, our supplements only use yellow and red turmeric to ensure optimal curcumin concentration and efficacy.  Stay tuned for our organic line set to launch in early January 2018!!

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