An Interview With Griffin McKenzie

Griffin McKenzie


Griffin McKenzie lives in Colorado Springs with her husband and two adorable golden doodles. She is the business and fitness savvy owner of a Pure Barre studio and one of our favorite Turmerical ambassadors.

We have interviewed Griffin for insight into her motivations, her passions, and her work routine - and how she manages to marry them all together!




Q: How did you get started with Pure Barre?


A: Growing up as competitive dancer and performer in Lexington, Kentucky, I started using Pure Barre for conditioning when I was 17.  At the time it was one of the first studios in the country and now there are over 460 studios in the US and Canada.


Q: How did your relationship with Pure Barre grow after high school?


A: I attended Belmont for college, where I pursued a BBA in Business Marketing and Organizational Leadership, although I did start with a Performance degree before switching my major. At the time, my internships were unpaid so I took up a desk job at the Pure Barre studio there.  I was still finishing college when I signed my franchise license to open a studio, and did just that 9 months later.


Q: Wow, that is quite ambitious.


A: Yes, I wouldn’t exactly recommend it, but I love Colorado, come from a long line of entrepreneurs, and love Pure Barre so it made sense.


Q: Why Pure Barre? What’s the attachment?


A: It’s the only thing I’ve ever loved as much as musical theater.  Being an instructor gives me that thrill of performance. You are in charge of creating the environment and energy in the room.


Q: Do you still sing?


A: Unfortunately for now my singing is contained to the church and the shower, but my husband, also a singer, and I know we will return to it.


Griffin McKenzie


Q: Do you enjoy other exercises?


A: I run, spin, hot yoga, but I am not addicted to any of them like I am with Pure Barre. I feel at home in a studio setting.


Q: Do you ever take a break?


A: My New Years resolution is to take one rest day a week. I’m pretty bad at it but getting better...


Q: So, now on to the topic of turmeric… Have you ever taken a turmeric supplement before?


A: I have never taken it in supplement form, but I use it in food. I just started pursuing a masters in nutrition. I am passionate about clean eating and grew up around very clean food.


Q: Do you like to cook then?


A: I actually hated cooking until this year. I cooked for health reasons, but the meals I made were usually plain and boring. Since my husband, who generally cooks, has been traveling for work, I have learned to love cooking and am happy to report that I’m pretty good at it now.


Q: What benefits of turmeric draws you to taking our supplement?


A:  I am most interested in how turmeric decreases inflammation and helps with joint health. As a fitness professional, both of those are a huge draw to me!


Griffin inspires us by her active and rounded lifestyle.  She has taken her three passions for entrepreneurship, performance, and fitness and created a Pure Barre community in Colorado Springs, where her students and fellow teachers adore her leadership in the studio (and, of course, visits from her puppies)! Griffin beautifully balances her work, her fitness, her home life and her hobbies, which is why we have chosen her as a brand role model for Turmerical!


Griffin McKenzie

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