Golden Russian

A delicious and popular drink to ring in the new year, (and probably the only Russian in good favor these days!) our unique spin on the classic White Russian is a delightful winter time treat.  



1.5 ounces Kaluha or other coffee liquor*
1.5 ounces vodka

3 ounces cream

2 tsp turmeric powder


*We made our own coffee liquor for this one: 2 cups water, ¾ cup instant coffee, 2 ¼ cup vodka, 4 cups sugar. Mix water, sugar, coffee. Heat and stir until dissolved. Let cool, add vodka.



Pour vodka and kaluha into glass over ice.  Separately, mix turmeric in to cream. Then pour golden cream mixture on top of vodka-kaluha.  Sprinkle with turmeric on top to garnish.  Mmmm.



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