An Interview with Jess Glazer

To describe Jess Glazer as a personal trainer, a health and wellness coach, and a motivational speaker would be an understatement. This woman is kick ass business owner, a decorated fitness competitor, a gymnastics coach, and an advocate for empowering women mentally and physically. She most recently started her program FITtrips, “fitness based field trips where women can build friendships, muscles, and memories.”


Jess Glazer

            Jess’s focus on putting mental health above all else in her nutritional and fitness coaching programs differentiates her from being just a trainer, but a motivational confidante, a guide, paving the way for other young woman to follow.

            We had the pleasure of interviewing Jess as one of our Turmerical ambassadors, who explains her road from gymnastics star to coach and motivational trainer.  You can find her back flipping in our recent TurmericaI video campaign.


Q: Where does your fitness career begin?


A: I used to compete in gymnastics, training 20 hours a week by 9 years old. It was my entire life, until junior year of high school when I fractured two vertebrae after landing a bar dismount. I still went to University of Rhode Island for gymnastics, but had to stop competing freshman year because of torn vertebrae.


Q: What led you to fitness competing? (Fitness competing consists of a swimsuit round, showing of physique, and a routine round, which is a two minute choreographed routine of different fitness stunts, usually aerobics, strength, or gymnastics related…)

 Single Leg Squat

A: I battled bulimia and diet pill abuse for 8 years and then went to outpatient therapy for 8 years. During that process, I made it a goal of mine to compete again when I was healthy - when I was building my body in a safe, nourishing way, and when I could be comfortable and proud standing in a swim suit. I saw fitness competing on TV and joined a natural body building program. I loved it and my teammates, but I stopped because of ankle surgery — not to mention it is a very expensive hobby.


Q: When did you begin sharing your story?


A: I spoke about my story often in outpatient therapy and as I continued to blog and advance my career as a health and wellness coach, I realized by sharing my story I was empowering other women to share their personal struggles, helping them solve their issues, and healing myself as well. I found the more I told, the more people wanted to hear about not just my struggles, but my solutions, so I guest appeared on podcasts, was featured in Shape Magazine, and continued to blog and grow my personal business.


Q: Tell me about your personal diet.


A: I’ve been vegan for 16 years for health and moral reasons. I recently went gluten-free after battling severe chronic sinus infections.  After cutting out gluten, my infections completely went away and a sinus operation was not necessary.


Q: How important is Turmeric to your diet?


A: I have been putting turmeric on my food for 5 years to combat inflammation. When turmeric supplements became popular, I started finding and buying whatever I saw.  When you guys approach me, it was the perfect fit.  Now I take Turmerical everyday.


Q: How is Turmerical most beneficial for you?


A: Like I said, anti-inflammation is the main reason I take turmeric. I also take it for muscle recovery, which is vital for my job. I also use Turmeric for skincare. As a mask, it’s great for skin revitalization and tightening.

Handstand Jess Glazer 

Q: What other techniques do you use to combat inflammation.


A: Tons of ginger, tons of garlic, and celery juice. All of those ingredients i incorporate into my diet, specifically before a shoot or a routine.


Q: What’s the one thing you tell all of your fans and clients?


A: Everything starts with mindset. Focus on how you feel, not how you look. You’ll find that listening to the way you feeI will show you the results you want. Mindset is everything. Health is Everything. Gratitude is everything.



Interviewing Jess Glazer was inspiring and enlightening.  She is a huge proponent of the miraculous anti-inflammation powers of Turmerical and a wealth of health and wellness knowledge.  Check out all of her work and current pursuits at



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