Turmeric Origin Story

Why we source from India



Call us old-fashioned, but when it comes to turmeric, we believe no country knows the spice turmeric quite like India. An Ayurvedic medicinal, turmeric is a highly used and revered spice in India. Curcumin, the potent anti-inflammatory agent in turmeric, has been gaining world-wide popularity over the last decade as it shows promise in not only fighting aging and inflammation but also in reducing serious diseases like Alzheimer's and osteoarthritis.

India is the source of most of the world’s turmeric with 80% of the market share. As product demand grows for the spice, however, companies have looked to suppliers in other countries to save money due to India's fluctuating supply and price point. Indonesia has recently emerged as an alternative supplier of lower cost turmeric, but is it the same quality? We aim to find out.

Why Does Sourcing Matter?

The potency of turmeric comes from the rhizomes where curcumin is found. The highest concentration of rhizomes is found in the root of the plant. That said, not every root is created equal. Farming techniques and local climate have the greatest impact on the concentration. Farmers in India use traditional farming techniques, natural fertilizers, and sustainable eco-friendly cultivation practices when they plant and harvest turmeric.

Indonesia, by contrast, has a different process altogether. When a Chinese pharmaceutical company, Ningbo Traditional, saw the naturaceutical promise of turmeric, they established a partnership to produce wild-grown Indonesian turmeric in Indonesia to stabilize the price point and have a direct supplier. The Indonesian turmeric is harvested from the fingers of the turmeric rather than the root, leading it to contain less curcumin than traditional Indian turmeric. They use the fingers because they believe there are less heavy metals present in the fingers than the root. However, Indian turmeric has not had this issue because it has always met the US Prop 65 Standard. Prop 65 mandates that foods, dietary supplements, and other consumer products bear warnings about even trace levels of toxic chemicals present in products.



Why We Choose Indian-Sourced Turmeric

Centuries of tradition, high standards of quality, and effective concentrations of curcumin are just a few of the reasons we choose Indian-sourced turmeric. Grown without harsh chemicals or pesticides, our turmeric is pure and naturally sourced to meet our high-quality standards. Rather than cut-corners and pennies, we choose to choose turmeric that provides the highest value to our clients to give them the best benefits.

Now that you know the difference, try Tumerical today. We offer both a standard formula and a concentrated formula with organic turmeric to provide clients with personal choice in choosing between two high-quality products. No matter which one you choose, you can be certain it was cultivated and brought to bottle using the very best, natural products and processes.


By Jessica Lollino

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